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How can I install the VULCAN license on my computer?

Firstly you have done install the VULCAN. When you run the VULCAN eclipse platform and try to create a new resource such as a feature model on your workspace. You need a license file.

  1. Create a 'VULCAN_LICENSE' folder under your account folder on your computer.
  2. Copy the license file to VULCAN_LICENSE folder.
  3. Rename license file name to 'vulcan.license' (if not).

If the license file dose not position on right location then you will meet license error message if you do not install license file on your computer at right place.

You can see right location for license file in the error message. Please do following instructions,

  1. Copy the license file to 'right location'.
  2. Turn a eclipse off.
  3. Run again.
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